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Producer Company registration in Chennai is a time consuming and complicated process.
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What is a Farmer Producer Company Registration in Chennai?

Producer Company Registration process is sought for carrying out the Business of agricultural and ancillary activities. A producer Company is a Body corporate incorporated as per the provisions of CHAPTER XXIA of the Companies Act 2013 with objectives or activities specified in Section 378B of the Act. There are various schemes such as Equity Grant Schemes, Credit Guarantee Funds, etc. introduced by the Government to encourage farmers to organize themselves as a Producer Company.

The members of a Producer Company should be Producers. Producers are persons engaged in the produce of farmers or persons engaged in handlooms, handicrafts and other cottage industries or produce of by-products or carrying out any other ancillary activities.

Features of a Producer Company

Minimum number of members/producers

A Producer Company shall have a minimum of 10 individuals or 2 producer institutuions or a combination of both.

Maximum number of members/producers

A producer company shall have unlimited number of producers/members.

Minimum Directors

A minimum of 5 directors is required in a producer company. The members of the company can also hold directorships.

Paid-up Capital

There is no requirement of a minimum paid up share capital. A company can be formed with a mere sum of Rs. 10000 as its share capital.

Advantages of a Producer Company Registration in Chennai

Limited Liability for Producers

A producer company enjoys the benefits of limited liability wherein the owners liability is limited to their contribution and does not extend to their personal properties.

Credibility/Brand Value

As producer Company is an entity registered under the Companies Act, 2013 following stringent procedures and Annual Compliances, hence has credibility in the eyes of its stakeholders.

Easy Fund Raising

Banks, financials Institutions and other governmental organizations provide various grants and loans to support producer companies. For example, NABARD provides grants and loans to Producer Companies.

Beneficial to farmers

The farmers individually find it difficult to sell the produce at a good price, while farmers when members of a producer Company can benefit from the responsibility taken by the producer Company to market and sell the produce and in some cases also arrange for raw materials at lower costs.

Documents required for Producer Company Registration

Documents of Directors/Members

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Passport Size photo
  • Residential Proof- recent EB/Gas bill/phone bill/Bank statement
  • Producer/Farmer Certificate from concerned authority

Documents of the registered office

  • NOC in stamp paper from the owner of the registered office
  • Office address Proof- recent EB/phone bill



  • The Name and address in the Residential proofs of directors and Registered Office proofs should be clear and complete.

Farmer Producer Company Registration Process

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  • Collection of details and document

Incorporation Procedure

  • Designated expert interaction
  • Company name availability check
  • Procurement of Digital Signatures
  • Drafting of MOA and AOA
  • Certification of applications by CA/CS

Company gets registered

10-15 days is all it takes to get your Producer company registered*

*From date of receiving complete set of documents and details subject to government portal downtime.

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What do you get in a Company registration?

DSC for Directors
Incorporation Certificate
PAN of Company
TAN of Company
PF & ESI registration
Memorandum of Association
Articles of Association
DIN for Directors


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