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About us

In FYLLO we help in starting off new business entities in India, ensuring new ideas and new entrepreneurs no longer hesitate for fear of delays and complicated process. FYLLO ensures a smooth start with error proof compliant services. In FYLLO we also give all round compliance and advisory services for a hassle free path towards business goals. We are a house of Accounting, Tax and Compliance experts curated to meet the needs of a Business entity. Our team of experts have years of experience and knowledge in the field and strive to give our customers the best advice and solutions for their businesses. 

FYLLO was founded in 2018 by an experienced team of professionals who understand the needs of small businesses. Our mission is to make business registration, accounting, tax and compliance easy for entrepreneurs so they can focus on what matters most: growing their business. We provide comprehensive services including company formation, bookkeeping, taxation filing, legal advice and much more.

Business Registration

Let's help you form an entity for your business

Company Registration

Private Limited Company

The most common form of business entity. Suitable for a closely held business wanting limited liability, reliability, growth and expansion as key features.

register an LLP

Limited Liability Partnership

Holds the characteristics of both a company and a partnership firm. Enjoys the benefits of limited liability and tax free profit sharing.

register a One person Company (OPC)

One Person Company

An alternative to proprietorship wherein a company can be registered with one person and a nominee. A company wherein one person can own 100 % share value and enjoy lesser compliances.

register a Proprietorship


A sole proprietorship wherein a single person manages the entire business . Suitable for small business run by one person.

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“Was very worried as to how to start a private company. FYLLO made it very easy and sorted out the hiccups faced very smoothly. Thanks to the whole team especially kavitha mam for continuous support.”
“Really helpful, loved working with them. All tax compliances taken care and done on time. Great Work!”
Roy Mathew

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