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What is a Digital Signature


DSC -Digital Signature Certificate is the electronic form of physical certificates which can be used to access certain information, to prove identity or to digitally sign documents. A Licensed Certifying Authority such as E-Mudhra issues the Digital signature certificate under the Indian IT-Act 2000. There are different Classes of DSC, while from 2021 the “Controller of Certifying Authority” has decided that Class 2 DSC will be discontinued and only Class 3 DSC with 2 years of Validity shall be issued to Individual and organizations. Class 3 is the highly secured type of DSCs.

Uses of DSC

Digital Signature Certificate shall be used for various purposes and portals such as:

MCA e-filings

Incorporation of company

Income Tax e-filing

GST Application

IE Code Registration

Documents required

How to get a Digital Signature

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  • Class 3 DSC with 2 years validity


  • Class 3 DSC with 3 years validity

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