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Closure of an inactive LLP

If an LLP has not commenced its operations since incorporation or is inactive for a period of more than a year, then the LLP can be closed by applying for strike off through Form 24 with the ROC. Also, the LLP should not have a assets or liabilities to be eligible to apply for striking off. In striking off via Form 24, the partners of the LLP can process the strike off without any involvement of a liquidator. In case an LLP does not meet the above criteria then the same can be closed only by making an application to the NCLT who will employ a liquidator to dissolve the LLP.

How to Close an LLP

1. Consent and authorization of partners

Consent of all the partners of the LLP should be obtained to make an application to the ROC for striking off the name of LLP. Also, a person must be authorised by all partners to carry out necessary activities for striking off.

2. Sale of Assets and Liabilities:

Sale of all assets and extinguish all liabilities with the assets realised.

3. Registrations and Licenses surrendered and Close Bank Account:

The registrations and licenses should be surrendered promptly and the bank account should be closed and Bank Closure certificate must be obtained.

4. Statement of Accounts:

A Statement of accounts must be prepared and the same shall be certified by a Chartered Accountant. The statement must be recent and not later than 30 days prior to application for strike off.

5. Notarized affidavits and Indemnity Bonds:

All partners should sign affidavits stating he truth of the factors concerning the LLP. Also, Indemnity bonds taking personal liability by Designated partners must be signed.

6. Filing of Form 24 with ROC

Form 24 along with necessary attachments with Digital signature of Authorised partner duly certified by a Practicing professional should be filed with the ROC.

Strike off of LLP

Documents and Details required to close an LLP

Process of FYLLO to close an inactive LLP

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  • Conduct of Due diligence
  • Statement of account preparation
  • Drafting of affidavit and indemnity bonds
  • CA Certification of Statement of accounts
  • Form 24 with ROC
  • Follow up till striking off


  • Feature of Basic+
  • Surrender of PAN
  • Surrender of TAN
  • Surrender of GST
  • GST Final Returns filing


Contact us If any of the below or any other situations
  • Inactive DPIN of any Designated Partner
  • Inactive DSC or non-availability of DSC
  • More than 2 partners
  • Foreign /NRI Investment
  • Contribution more than 1 lakhs
  • Income Tax return not filed till year in which operations are ceased
  • LLP Agreement not filed
  • ROC filings not filed till year in which operations are ceased

NOTE: The packages above do not include cost of Notarization and stamp paper (approx. Rs. 50 to 100 per stamp paper). Inclusive of all taxes.

(The drafts will be prepared by us; you will have to buy stamp paper from local vendors and get affidavits and indemnity bond notarized)

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