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Basic Company
authorised capital below 25 lakhs
4999 Rs.
  • ADT-1
  • AOC-4
  • MGT7/7A
Growth Company
authorised capital above 25 lakhs
6999 Rs.
  • ADT-1
  • AOC-4
  • MGT7/7A
Basic LLP
contribution below 25 lakhs
3999 Rs
  • Form 11
  • Form 8
Growth LLP
contribution above 25 lakhs
5999 Rs
  • Form 11
  • Form 8

*Prices are inclusive of taxes. No Hidden charges.

Overview of Annual ROC Filings

Annual ROC Filings refer to the annual Compliances wherein returns need to be filed by registered Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) with the Registrar of Companies, Ministry of Corporate affairs (MCA). These returns ask for information relating to the financials, statutory audits, Board meetings, Annual general meetings, auditor’s appointment, cost audits, etc. This information provided in the forms shall be certified by a practicing professional who shall either be a CA, CMA or CS. 

The ROC filing is a complex yet necessary process, hence expert intervention will ensure error free timely submissions.

ROC Forms and Due dates

Form ADT1

Applicability: Companies

Purpose: Appointment of Auditors

Due Dates:Within 15 days of appointment of auditor in a meeting

Form AOC 4

Applicability: Companies

Purpose: Filing of Annual accounts

Due Dates: Within 30 days from date of AGM

Form MGT 7/7A

Applicability: Companies

Purpose:Annual return of Company

Due Dates: Within 60 days from the date of AGM

Form 11

Applicability: LLP

Purpose:Annual return of LLP

Due Dates:Within 60 days from the close of the fiscal year

Form 8

Applicability: LLP

Purpose:Statement of Account and Solvency

Due Dates:Within 30 days from the end of 6 months of the financial year

Form CRA-4

Applicability: Companies

Purpose:Filing Cost Audit report

Due Dates:Within 30 days from the date of Cost audit report


Applicability: Companies

Purpose: Directors Annual KYC

Due Dates: 30th September of the following year

MSME Form -1

Applicability: Companies

Purpose: Half yearly return for outstanding payments to Micro and small enterprises

Due Dates:Within the month after each half year

ROC Filing Process

Documents required


  • Auditor Appointment letter
  • Audited Financial statements for both present and previous year
  • Audit Reports
  • DSC of Directors
  • List of Directors
  • List of Outstanding payments
  • LLP/Company Incorporation documents

Process of ROC filing


  • Buy the right package
  • A corporate associate will be assigned
  • Documents and details will be collected
  • ROC Returns filed on time
  • The filed forms will be shared for your records


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