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What is a ESI ?

ESI refers to “Employee State Insurance” administered by “Employee’s State Insurance Corporation” (ESIC) to provide certain monetary and other benefits to employees and their families for maternity, sickness, disablement, funeral expenses etc. It is a mandatory registration for applicable factories and establishments. The funds are contributed monthly by both employer and employees at a percentage of wages as fixed by the government.

Applicability of ESI registration

The ESI Registration online with ESIC becomes mandatory for all non-seasonal factories and notified establishments if 10 or more workers are employed in such factory or establishment who’s monthly wages does not exceed Rs. 21000 (Rs. 25000 in case of disabled persons). The registration must be obtained within 15 days of such applicability.

Notified Establishments include:

  1. Shops
  2. Hotels
  3. Restaurants
  4. Road Transport Establishment
  5. Cinema Including preview theaters
  6. Newspaper Establishments
  7. Insurance business
  8. Non-Banking Financial Companies
  9. Port Trust
  10. Airport Authorities
  11. Warehousing Establishments
  12. Medical and Educational Institutions (Few States)

Benefits of ESI Registration

The ESI was formulated with the purpose of providing various benefits to the employees. The benefits extend to the families and dependents of the employees in the form of both monetary and other benefits. The various benefits include:

Sickness Benefit

Maternity Benefit

Disablement Benefit

Dependents Benefit

Un-employment Allowance

Medical Benefit

ESI Registration Online

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