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*Prices are inclusive of taxes and stamp duties for an authorised capital of Rs. 100000 and 2 directors.

LLP registration in Trichy

LLP is a form of business entity that is covered under the Limited Liability Partnership Act, of 2008. It has the characteristics of both a Partnership firm and a Company. There should be a minimum of two partners and there is no upper limit on the maximum number of partners.


Features of Limited Liability Partnership

Profit Sharing

LLP features profit Sharing as in Partnership firms unlike dividend distribution in a private limited Company.

Minimum number of Partners

A Limited Liability Partnership should have a minimum of 2 partners and atleast one partner should be a resident of India.

Maximum number of partners

There is no upper limit on the maximum number of members unlike in Private Limited Companies.

Paid-up Capital

There is no requirement of a minimum contribution.  LLP can be formed with a mere sum of Rs. 10000.

Advantages of LLP registration in Trichy

Limited Liability

The liability of the owners towards the LLP is limited to their Capital contribution unlike in a Partnership firm where the partner’s liability extends to their personal assets and estates.

Relaxed audit requirements

Unlike Companies which needs to get audited irrespective of their turnover or contribution, the LLP needs to get audited only if the turnover exceeds Rs. 40 Lakhs or Contribution of partners exceeds Rs. 25 Lakhs. Hence reduced Compliance costs for small Businesses.

Tax Beneficial

The profits are taxed at the same corporate rate of 30 %, however the share of profits distributed to the partners is exempt from tax in the hands of the partners unlike in a Company where the dividends received are taxed in the hands of the shareholders as well.

No Cap on upper limit of members

There is no upper limit on the number of partners that can join a LLP, which gives freedom to bring in as many partners as preferred.

Documents required for LLP Registration in Trichy

Documents of Partners

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Passport Size photo
  • Residential Proof- recent EB/Gas bill/phone bill/Bank statement

Documents of the registered office

  • NOC in stamp paper from the owner of the registered office
  • Office address Proof- recent EB/phone bill




  • The Name and address in the Residential proofs of directors and Registered Office proofs should be clear and complete.
  • In case of NRI or Foreign National, documents of director (s) must be notarized and apostilled by the competent authority in the country of residence.

Process of LLP Registration in Trichy

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Incorporation Procedure

  • Designated expert interaction
  • LLP name availability check
  • Procurement of Digital Signatures of Partners
  • Obtaining forms signed by partners
  • Certification of applications by CA/CS
  • Filing applications for Incorporation.
  • File applications for PAN and TAN

LLP gets registered

10-15 days is all it takes to get your Limited Liability Partnership registered*

*From date of receiving complete set of documents and details subject to government portal downtime.

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What do you get in a LLP registration in Trichy?

DSC for Partners
Incorporation Certificate
Practising Professional Attestation
DIN/DPIN for Partners


Different Types of companies

Lets Compare the features of different types of companies

Limited Liability Partnership
7800 Rs.
  • minimum 2 members
  • limited liability
  • low compliance procedures
  • can raise capital
  • Tax Efficient
Private Limited Company
7800 Rs.
  • minimum 2 members
  • limited liability
  • high compliance procedures
  • Easy to raise capital
  • Company profits and dividends are taxable
One Person Company
7250 Rs.
  • minimum 1 member
  • limited liability
  • medium compliance 
  • Difficult to raise capital
  • Company profits and dividends are taxable

*Prices are inclusive of taxes and stamp duties for an authorised capital of Rs. 100000 and 2 directors.

In case  of capital more than Rs.100000 or more than 2 directors or if any customisation required, please contact us. We will fix you the best price !

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